Ethereum Tech Used to Build a Smart Contract Platform for 5G Mobile Networks

Researchers from the University of Ljubljana recently built a smart contract platform for 5G mobile networks.

From the paper they published about it:

We developed a secure, upgradeable modular multi-contract platform.

An approach to upgradeable modular contracts has been recently proposed as the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 2535. This draft document proposes a proxy contract that supports using multiple logic contracts. These delegate contracts are called facets, and each facet supplies one or more functions. A dedicated function enables adding, replacing, or removing functions. Events are emitted upon changes in diamond functions, and a user can verify what version of the function is called. With this design approach, one can develop and incrementally improve the smart contract logic of a DApp over time.

We extended the multi-contract diamond-cut architecture not only to be upgradeable, but to provide high security and access right management through Smart Contract Tunnels, combined with per-user authorization. Even when partially deployed on a public BC network, the solution does not importantly increase the transaction costs compared to a single contract solution. This builds a platform that can meet the service needs, and can be scaled to modern 5G environments.

Currently, we are adapting the presented platform for a use case in collaborative robotics, where autonomous robots interconnect through a mobile network to negotiate through a hybrid blockchain network for the resource they require or provide.

Read the paper to learn more: Secure Modular Smart Contract Platform for Multi-Tenant 5G Applications

To learn more about EIP-2535 Diamonds read this introduction: Introduction to the Diamond Standard, EIP-2535 Diamonds

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